EFM 2011: Jackie Chan's 1911 To Go Day And Date In China And US

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EFM 2011: Jackie Chan's 1911 To Go Day And Date In China And US
Well done, Well Go.

Well Go USA have purchased rights to Jackie Chan's 100th film - patriotic potboiler 1911, the story of the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and establishment of the Republic Of China - and plan to release the film theatrically in the USA on the same date as the Chinese theatrical release.

Despite what The Hollywood Reporter may say about it Well Go aren't the first to do this but they are among the earliest adopters of the only strategy that seems to have a hope of spurring US audiences to see Asian films on the big screen rather than waiting for the cheap import copies and bootlegs which typically arrive on local shores months before anybody even starts talking about a local release.

Personally I'm sick to death of this current wave of ultra-nationalistic Chinese films but this is a very smart move by Well Go and one that Chan fans would do well to support if they want to see Well Go and other distributors of Asian titles continue to put these films on the big screen.
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