EFM 2011: First Promo For Von Trier's MELANCHOLIA Is Gorgeous

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EFM 2011: First Promo For Von Trier's MELANCHOLIA Is Gorgeous
I tweeted this earlier - and if you're not following ScreenAnarchy on Twitter, you should - but it bears repeating.

First thing Saturday morning I was fortunate enough to be present at a screening of the first promo for Lars Von Trier's upcoming science fiction apocalypse film Melancholia. In short, it is gorgeous - instantly recognizable as Von Trier's work and very likely the most commercial iteration of his talent that we have seen yet. This in no way implies that he has dumbed things down, just that the wild transgressions of Antichrist are not present here - where they would be entirely inappropriate - and that the imagery is so beautiful that this is a film that you could clearly cut one hell of a trailer for.

I'm not going to go too much into specifics but the promo makes it very clear that Kirsten Dunst's character will be the focal point here with the likes of John Hurt, Alexander Skarsgard and Charlotte Gainsbourg filling secondary roles. The premise is simply enough - a planet hidden behind the sun emerges on a collision course with the Earth - and a family must come to terms with the inevitability of what is to come. Though firmly grounded in reality there are a lot of special effects in this and they are integrated seamlessly, shots of static electricity arcing off skin and dead birds falling from the sky in super slow motion being particularly effective.

Cannes seems certain for this one and I can't wait.
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