Two Clips From Woo Ming Jin's THE TIGER FACTORY

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Two Clips From Woo Ming Jin's THE TIGER FACTORY
Following it's successful debut in Cannes, Woo Ming Jin's The Tiger Factory is on its way back to Europe for an appearance at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and we've got a pair of clips to share with you.

Ping Ping is 19 and wants to go to Japan to work in a car parts company. She's under the guardianship of her aunt, Madame Tien, who shuffles her between two jobs - working in a pig farm, and cleaning dishes in a rundown restaurant. Tien is also involved in a 'baby factory' scheme, pairing young women with migrant workers and then selling the babies for money. Both survive with each other in a love-hate symbiotic manner, until a truth about her aunt is revealed to Ping Ping.

Of the two clips the first involves a deal with a loan shark while the second the theft of some pig sperm. And, yes, the observant among you may recognize a familiar face from Edmund Yeo's Inhalation. Yeo was script writer and editor on this film and the character of Mei carries through his own short film as well.
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elfioneinksJanuary 28, 2011 7:31 AM

Im really looking forward for this,im an Artist myself and i love how the whole Art Direction has been created for this piece,it maybe indie,but that's how it works,a good movie doesn't mean big budget or whatsoever heavy Visual Effects and all,it all ties down to grown zero,the one and only thing that what a film is all about,

Visual Storytelling.
Thumbs up to you Ming Jin,looking forward to meet you someday.