Trailer drops for 'Underdog Knight 2'

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Trailer drops for 'Underdog Knight 2'
Funny. I remember watching the first Underdog Knight film. Yet, I cannot recall a lick of it. It's somewhere amongst the piles of DVDs around the flat here so I'll have to pop it back in again. But obviously the first one was a large enough success that they are making a second one. 

Liu Ye reprises his role as Laosan, the former Navy officer who suffered brain damage while on duty. Low on mental capacity but stacked with Kung Fu skills Laosan would walk around the city fighting crime. And more crime is afoot when in The Underdog Knight 2 Laosan fights international criminals to protect a national treasure from being stolen during an exhibition. He also rescues his girlfriend from kidnappers. Director Ding Sheng returns to helm the film. Playing Laosan's girlfriend is Zhang Xinglin, Miss World 2007. Hubba, and hubba. 

The trailer dropped today and if it anything to go by it looks like a solid HK action flick with plenty of explosions and bodily harm to satisfy everyone. Enjoy it after the break!
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