Paranmanjang Trailer

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Paranmanjang Trailer
Only a few days after we posted about Park Chan-Wook's short film shot with an iPhone, a trailer popped up on Youtube, but it was only brought to my attention at this moment, so I pass it on to you all to judge for yourself what can be done with these little devices and a dedicated filmmaker with full crew and an array of lenses.  I supposed it begs the question of 'why bother' if you are going all out with everything else, but filmmakers get creative in ways to get funding, and if I am not mistaking, a South Korean Tel-Co is footing the bill on this one.

The initial synopsis I found indicated an Uncle Boonme type re-incarnation tale:

"The 30-minute fantasy-horror short, shot in collaboration with Park's director brother Park Chan-kyong, was shot entirely on the iPhone and concerns a man transcending his current and former lives." 

But both an astute commentator in the previous thread and a more details from QE's Marina Antunes (including a behind-the-scenes vid) yields this:

"Night Fishing (Paranmanjang) is a fantastical tale about a man who, while out fishing one afternoon/evening, catches the body of a woman dressed in white. While trying to untangle the line he faints and wakes up wearing the clothes that the woman was wearing. This tale of death only gets stranger from there."

The trailer for the short is below.  If anyone at the Berlinale manages to catch this (Thanks Rodney for pointing out that it is screening in the shorts programme there) please drop us a line.
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