Israel gets infected in 'Another World'

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Israel gets infected in 'Another World'
Not known for putting out genre cinema of this ilk Another World marks a first for the nation of Israel. This will be Israel's first ever zombie film. And it could be a stepping stone for other directors wanting to dabble in genre cinema if it proves to be successful and profitable. The Israeli film industry it otherwise opposed to films of this type. Director Eitan Reuven knows it and had a plan from the get-go... 

"I made this film for the international market," says Reuven. "They [Israel Film Fund] don't want to invest in films that couldn't represent Israel at Cannes," says Reuven. "Most of the filmmakers here don't make a living from their movies, they all have other jobs. In the rest of the world, movies are made to make money, not to win prizes at festivals... I wanted to make a tense, exciting film with a threatening atmosphere," he says.

A self-taught director with an MBA, Reuven, a movie nut like the rest of us, had the basic idea for Another World and approached novelist Michael Birinbaum to write the screenplay. 

The movie is a post-apocalyptic horror/science fiction film. The setting is in a near post apocalyptic future where a biological warfare program goes wrong, and turns most of humanity to mindless, murderous creatures (hence forth - "infected").

There are five characters, which are still uninfected, trying to survive constant attacks by the infected. Each one of them represents in some way a different aspect of human existence, a different world-view, but most important, a different moral view about the world and his/her place in it -

The Colonel - A professional soldier. represents the political-military-economic establishment, which sees life as a constant violent struggle for power and resources.
The Doctor - Represents a commitment to love, justice and non-violent struggle against all wrong.
The Wizard - A young man, an inventor and an autodidact scientist, who looks at life as a puzzle to be solved. he strives to discover, understand and invent, with no thought as to the consequences.
The Daughter - A simple girl with simple ambitions - sailing through life enjoying every comfort, while ignoring or unaware of bigger and more profound issues.
The Mouser - A murderer and rapist, evil in the most banal aspect of the word.

The plot takes place during their last six days. All along, as the characters evolve, they listen to a daily radio program dealing with the extinction of the dinosaurs, finding correlating themes to their own situation. as the protagonists move and try to survive, and as their world views and correlations to the situation are gradually reveled, the following themes are explored: the essence of evil, the boundaries of moral responsibility, species (and humankind) extinction, love, grace, euthanasia and more.

You will find the trailer after the break. Today, I also sat down and watched a four minute excerpt cut from a larger scene and though it doesn't convey much and would be unfair to judge Reuven's abilities based on it alone [it was cut 3 months ago and the music was a temp score] it looked at least competently lensed and was tense indeed. If and when we have a chance to watch Another World we'll know for sure if Reuven's passion for film translates into quality film making and story telling. The film is being produced by Shlomi Avier.

Cheers Avery
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