Fangoria's Chris Alexander Brings B-Movie Madness To The Bloor Cinemas

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Fangoria's Chris Alexander Brings B-Movie Madness To The Bloor Cinemas
Sometimes 'Nades have all the fun. While I am stuck in the upper Northwest freezing my horror lovin' ta-ta's off, you sleazehounds and genre geeks lurking in the Toronto area are actually going to start looking forward to Mondays, courtesy of Fangoria magazine's recently appointed editor-in-chief, Chris Alexander, and his B-Movie Madness Mondays series, starting the 10'th of January at the Bloor Cinemas. Imagine that!
Chris Alexander, curator of the Film School Confidential series at the Bloor Cinema, will be taking over each Monday in the month of January to screen some of the finest in scares and sleaze. Tickets for Bloor members are 5 dollars for a single feature, 8 dollars for both (a Bloor mebership will run you an initial 5 dollar investment too) I'd earmark a couple twenty spots people, the line-up he's put together include a couple do-not-miss rarities, including my personal favorite Dan Curtis film THE NORLISS TAPES on the 24th (do not miss this if you like creepy old school tv horror in the vein of THE NIGHT STALKER)

The programming schedule is as follows - so ready those 5 spots, the terror starts this coming Monday!




   Curated by FANGORIA editor-in-chief Chris Alexander.

Running this January 10th -31st 2011 only at THE BLOOR!

Single films only $5 for members! Double feature only $8 for members!


JANUARY 10th, 2011



Notorious post-hippie horror show sees a backwoods town under the thumb of a gang of unwashed thugs. When a young boy decides enough is enough, he injects meat pies with rabies, causing the ruffians to become frothing, wide eyed, ultra-violent murderers. Lynn Lowry (SHIVERS, THE CRAZIES) co-stars in this trash classic, presented UNCUT.

Then, if your heart can stand it...


Absolutely insane, homoerotic camp classic from Italy sees Mickey Hargitay (widow of Jayne Mansfield and father of  actress Mariska Hargitay)trapping a troupe of fanshionistas in his Hollywood hills mansion and subjecting them to ridiculous, colorful tortures. Hargitay goes off the rails with jaw dropping bravado and it's clear he was robbed at the 1965 Academy Awards...


Monday, January 17th, 2011



Absolutely hilarious answer to EASY RIDER sees a roving gang of funloving Transsexual bikers on purple hogs having every class of misadventure. See the "ladies" eat hot dogs and swap fasion tips! See a young, pre-GRIZZLY ADAMS Dan Haggerty riding his bike without a shirt! See THE PINK ANGELS and marvel at how genuinely weird the 70's were!

Then, if there's gas left in the tank...


The granddaddy of oddball biker flicks, WEREWOLVES features a badass, completely uncivilized bike gang fall prey to a coven of evil bread eating Satanists (led by real deal actor Severn Darden) who proceed to turn one of the gang into a murderous, fuzzy faced wolf man. Moody, rough and tumble, ridiculous and featuring a kick-ass trucker rock score.


Monday, January 24th, 2011


Producer/director/small-screen mogul Dan Curtis changed TV history with his gothic vampire soap opera DARK SHADOWS in the late 1960's. Throughout the 1970's, he owned the evil airwaves, unleashing a tidal wave of quality frights that pushed the boundaries of what could be shown in prime time. The Bloor Cinema is pleased to present two of those classics.


 Curtis and writer William F. Nolan created this pre-X-FILES pilot about a supernatural investigator who uncovers evil. POLOCE WOMAN Angie Dickenson co-stars in this tense, occasionally terrifying horror/mystery.

Then, after a word from our sponsor...


 After Curtis and writer Richard Matheson hit gold with the  anthology film TRILOLOGY OF TERROR, he tried again with this picture. The first two stories are fine romps, but the third, 'Bobby", is a masterpiece of terror that pre-dates Stephen King's PET SEMETARY.



Monday, January 31st, 2011



FREAKS (1932)

The mother of all exploitation films, Tod Browning's immortal melodrama still commands controversy today. Telling the tale of the lives and loves of a travelling circus full of physically challenged performers (no actors here, its the real thing), FREAKS is uncomfortable, tragic, amusing, shocking and completely fascinating. A one-of-a kind cinema experience.


And, for our next act...



The weirdest and perhaps most violent offering from Hammer Studios, VAMPIRE CIRCUS is a lush and bloody gothic freak out. When a bizarre carnival rolls into a cursed Austrian village bringing death in its wake, it appears to be the handiwork of the long dead Count Mitterhaus, staked by the vengeful villagers a decade before. Kinky, gory and very, very cool.


Visit and for more information, including showtimes and theatre location.

Now that is one spicy meatball, at damned affordable prices. Unplug the home entertainment system for a night and see these films on a screen with an audience if you are indeed lucky enough to be in the area. Tell Chris that Sean "The Butcher" Smithson sent and receive a true vintage No-Prize saved from the offices of the Marvel comics bullpen from the early 70's!

Check out trailers for all titles in the series below.

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