Berlin 2011: Jan Komasa Enters The SUICIDE ROOM

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Berlin 2011: Jan Komasa Enters The SUICIDE ROOM
I should say right off the top that I am automatically skeptical of any film that aims to be cutting edge in terms of technology and the way kids are using it today. The reason is simple enough. Technology changes. Fast. And by the time you've conceived of an idea, developed it, shot it, gotten it through post production and finally are ready to release the movie, the technology has changed so much that what was cutting edge at the start has become kind of quaint. Or just plain stale. And so you get films like Black Heaven and Chatroom, which seem like great ideas at the time but just kind of fizzle when it comes to actually finding an audience.

Enter Poland's Jan Komasa and his new techno-thriller Suicide Room. An official selection of the Berlin Film Festival the film is the story of a young man drawn into a dangerous online world that has disturbing real world implications. Here's the synopsis from the Polish Film Institute:

Dominik is a regular kid. He is popular, has the prettiest girlfriend in school, rich parents, money for clothes and for partying. Until one day a single kiss changes everything. She. She gets in touch with him online. She is intriguing, dangerous, and devious. She brings him into the "Suiciders Room" - a place of no return.

Trapped by his own emotions and entangled in a deadly intrigue, Dominik will lose the most precious part of life...

There are a pair of trailers below and the production values are certainly looking good but will this still be relavent by the time it finds release?

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