AFM 2010: Paul Campion's THE DEVIL'S ROCK Goes To Metrodome

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AFM 2010: Paul Campion's THE DEVIL'S ROCK Goes To Metrodome
Good news for fans of military themed horror. Not only is Eel Girl director Paul Campion currently in post production on his debut feature with the help of Richard Taylor and his crew at WETA on the effects end, but that picture - The Devil's Rock - has already landed distribution in the UK via Metrodome in what is being described simply as a six figure deal.

And why would Metrodome move this quickly on a debut feature that isn't even done yet? Simple. Because Campion's short film work is stellar, because WETA is similarly stellar, and because if the footage NZ Film are showing from The Devil's Rock is any indication, this film is also shaping up to be stellar.

Set in the Channel Islands during WWII the film follows a pair of New Zealand military officers sent in as saboteurs to destroy a German military bunker. What they don't know is that the encamped Germans have been using the remote bunker to conduct occult experiments in the hopes of summoning a demon. They have succeeded. And the demon is not friendly.

Though there are no creature effects on display in the footage being shown what we do get is a good look at the environment - nicely oppressive - the performances - very solid - and a wee bit of human inflicted pain and suffering. Campion's a good one and he looks to be executing a tight concept very strongly here. File the title away and keep an eye out for the arrival of a trailer.
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