Sitges 2010: Trailer For First Person Horror ATROCIOUS

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Sitges 2010: Trailer For First Person Horror ATROCIOUS
After the global success of the [REC] franchise it is, frankly, surprising that there hasn't been a flood of Spanish language first person horror projects looking to repeat that success. The first that I'm aware of - and one that certainly has at least a chance of meeting a similar response - is Fernando Barreda Luna's Atrocious.

Structured as a film shot by a pair of urban legend obsessed teens while on family vacation, the film captures the slaughter of their entire family. The scope of this is certainly smaller than [REC] but Luna knows exactly what he's working with and how to use the form to his best advantage. You can get a taste of what he's up to in the first teaser, embedded below.
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M@rcOctober 15, 2010 10:01 AM

Damn it, the trailer won't play if I enable my ad blocker.