Ryoo Seung-Wan Introduces THE UNJUST

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Ryoo Seung-Wan Introduces THE UNJUST
[Updated with full trailer.]

After the wild action comedy ride of Dachimawa Lee, Korea's 'action kid' Ryoo Seung-Wan is back to the harder edged material where he made his name with The Unjust. A cop based action flick starring his brother Ryoo Seung-Beom and Private Eye / The Black House star Hwang Jun-Min - one of my favorite character actors in the world - in a dark and twisty world. Here's the official synopsis:

A serial killer targeting elementary school students is on the loose. When the most probable suspect dies in custody and the case looks like it's reached a dead end, high ranking police brass decide to create a killer--and anyone will do. Though Detective CHOI Cheol-gi boasts an incredible number of arrests over his career his rank never showed it. He decides that this is his last chance at professional redemption. He makes a deal with mob boss JANG Seok-gu, who he has been investigating, and together they decide to set up one of the existing suspects as the serial killer. The only hurdle in their plan is public prosecutor JU Yang, who takes on the case. JU himself had been involved in a deal with the boss of a rival criminal organization. When the secret deals and back alley agreements start to come to light, it only serves to drag CHOI, JU, JANG, and KIM deeper and deeper into a dark hole of questionable ethics and abuse of the law.
The official website has just gone live for this one and includes the first thirty second teaser. Check it below.
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drynwhylSeptember 29, 2010 2:43 AM

This is some first class cast with one of Korea's top directors in charge.. I'm definitely in for a treat here.

Rhythm-XOctober 17, 2010 2:14 PM

The shorter teaser looks disconcertingly digital. The longer trailer looks less disconcertingly digital so I guess there's some slight hope for it not looking like a Vivid Video production by the time they're done with post production. Still, it saddens me to see something as apparently worthwhile as this saddled with that goddamn cheesy digital look.