Gnarr or how a comedian became the most politically feared man in Iceland.

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Gnarr or how a comedian became the most politically feared man in Iceland.
I've once of twice talked about the Icelandic financial crash in the past and how it has affected the people of this country. People are angry, really angry at the politicians who sat back and let their friends drive the country, full speed ahead, in to bankruptcy and we did manage to throw out some of those people from parlament by protesting and throwing stuff at them. Sadly things haven't changed much and now people are starting to throw stuff at the people they elected to take over and it seems that this government might be leaving the house a bit early as well. But one area of government we cleaned out almost entirely of elements that were ripe with corruption was the city council and the mayoral position. And the man who was responsible for it was not a man that had much experience in the political landscape, he didn't have any as a matter of fact. It was comedian, actor and punk musician Jon Gnarr
A handfull of you might recognize the name from the local TV series Night Shift, Day Shift and Prison Shift and then the local box office giant Bjarnfredarson where he played one of the lead characters, a ultra radical communist who destroyed everything he touched.
Gnarr had an idea to form a political party to run for city council and gathered up his friends, artists and musicians to form The Best Party. To many this was a joke, a performance piece of sorts but because the people of Reykjavík were so desperate for change in government they would rather have an unqualified comedian to run things than have one of the old political parties in office. The Best Party won with a landslide last summer, gathering up almost fifty percent of the votes, pissing off the old timers in the political biz to no end and getting the world's attention.
Documentary filmmaker Gaukur Ulfarsson had the great idea to film Gnarr from the moment he decided to go for it and on 12th of november will premier his feature documentary that I'm pretty sure no other politician in the world would want to show to anyone. 
Check out the subtitled trailer below and the Best Party's campaign song.
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Ard VijnOctober 29, 2010 11:24 AM

That hair is on purpose I hope? All he needs is a tiny moustache...

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OK, combined with the clips above that was... worrying.

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