First Trailer For Ocelot's DRAGONS AND PRINCESSES!

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First Trailer For Ocelot's DRAGONS AND PRINCESSES!
Michel Ocelot - the master animator behind Azur et Asmar, Kirikou and Princes and Princesses - is back! First reported back in June, Ocelot's next is Dragons And Princesses, a project being developed simultaneously as a television series and a feature film. Not surprisingly, given the title, it is very much back into the silhouette style of animation used for his previous Princes And Princesses project, with a very similar story format in which multiple fairy tales are delivered over the course of things. The television will present each story as a standalone episode while the feature will merge them together while also adding addition material.

And now the first trailer for the project has just arrived for us to take a look at. Ocelot is one of the true masters of global animation and this is absolutely up to his very high standards. Very nice. Check it below.
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Thanks Jordan!

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Todd BrownOctober 5, 2010 11:09 PM

Have watched this (the trailer) a bunch of times now and it's really interesting to see how the Azur and Asmar art style has influenced the background designs. Also interesting how he's using depth of field in the silhouette style ... word is the feature version will be at least partially in 3D so I guess that where those bits will really pay off.

akistouAugust 4, 2011 5:03 PM

Reminded me Jim Hanson meets Ancient Chinese Shadows