DAM999 Promises A 3D Disaster Spectacle

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DAM999 Promises A 3D Disaster Spectacle
Everyone is going 3D.  We see China working on a few, Japan has notoriously decided to go 3D with Battle Royale, and we all know that Hollywood can't seem to get enough.  It is about time a truly massive film industry got on the 3D train, like India's for example. 

India has been putting out word of several 3D productions in the last year or so, but none seem to be quite as far along as DAM999.  DAM999 is an India/Hollywood co-production with Indian and Western actors.  The film is based upon a tragic disaster in 1975 that took the lives of a quarter of a millions people.  No much footage is available yet, but it could be interesting.  I am a fan of disaster movies, and I really think that if there is anywhere this 3D film fad could be really fun, it is in this specific genre.  DAM999 is on its way to the American Film Market and is shooting for an early 2011 release, which leads me to believe that the film is pretty much completed.  We'll see how this pans out.

_*DAM999 at AFM*_

The prestigious 3D movie directed by Sohan Roy, the creator of world's first Global Maritime Channel has confirmed its presence at AFM. The suite number 321 is where you would find this splendid piece of art.

The American Film market is considered one among the biggest events in Los Angeles, showcasing movies from all around the world. The humongous crowd from the Film Industry has made it a roaring success over the years. AFM 2010 has confirmed over 8000 delegates and movie buffs from 70 countries. The event is once in a year opportunity for the film makers to meet distributors from various countries. All possible Genres of movies will be noticed during the event.

DAM999 will be 'one of a kind' movie at the exhibition, being credited as the most brilliant re-creation of a gigantic Dam disaster. Director Sohan Roy portrays the concept of Navarasa and ancient Indian science through this 3D emotional thriller. The movie reveals the secret of number 9, whether it spells boom or doom. This epic revolves around 9 characters and 9 emotions. The Director adds that the movie has 9 angles too, summing it up gives a '999'. Also, the movie was specifically shot in 9 exotic locations.

The movie will be released worldwide by the beginning of year 2011.
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