Sitges 2010: Paco Cabeza's NEON FLESH Proves Aptly Titled In First Teaser

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Sitges 2010: Paco Cabeza's NEON FLESH Proves Aptly Titled In First Teaser
Soon to premiere at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, Paco Cabeza's Neon Flesh (Carne De Neon) looks to establish Cabeza as a sort of Spanish language answer to Guy Ritchie with its stylized tale of violence. The prospect of the writer of Sexykiller casting that film's star - Macarena Gomez - in a film revolving around a young man trying to open a brothel raised certain possibilities about what sort of role Gomez might play here and those questions are answered definitively in the brand new and very definitely not safe for work trailer below.

RICKY will die tonight. A bullet is speeding inexorably towards his head. Thoughts whirl in his brain, trying to find a reason why this lump of lead is about to put an end to his life...
But first let´s rewind... RICKY's mother, PURA, is about to get out of prison. She's an ex-prostitute who hasn't seen her son for fifteen years since she abandoned him in the street. With the money he has saved during all this time, RICKY wants to become a business man and open a roadside brothel to make his mother proud of him. It may sound strange but it´s only a son trying to bring to life the dream of her mother albeit at the expense of the sweat and sex of others.
RICKY partners up with a couple of misfits, ANGELITO and NIÑO, diving head first into the "business" and opening the "Hiroshima Club".
Meanwhile MOBILA, a pregnant black woman, runs across the dunes on a beach. What was the point of crossing the sea from Africa in a small boat, if she is now being chased by the police in order to be repatriated?...
Begging for help, she manages to reach a roadside club. Once there, her waters break and, helped by RICKY, she gives birth to a baby. That is the last time we see her smile. She, along with three more prostitutes is going to form part of the Hiroshima, newly risen from its own ashes.
The following week PURA is released from prison. RICKY meets her and takes her to the club. She, however, somewhat unbalanced after so many years behind bars, is not only unable to recall her son's face but also has no interest in being reintegrated into society and wants to return to prison. After so much effort to get some love from his mother Ricky is devastated.
But that´s not the only thing that can go wrong... RICKY is run down by a car and two men carry him off to a van. RICKY wakes up in an abandoned warehouse. CHINO introduces himself although RICKY knows him well. He is "The wiseguy". The owner of everything that is illegal. After beating him up CHINO makes clear who the boss is. RICKY has a week to pay CHINO 100.000 euros for the right to open the club. If not, it will be torched with his mother inside.
RICKY has only one chance to save his mother´s life and recover her respect, even if he has to steal, kidnap or maybe end up dead. "Neon Flesh" is a story of misfits, losers bound to make things wrong if they want to find the right path to happiness...
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