Second Trailer For Wisit Sasanatieng's RED EAGLE

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Second Trailer For Wisit Sasanatieng's RED EAGLE
With the theatrical release of Wisit Sasanatieng's Thai superhero picture Red Eagle edging closer a second trailer for the picture has just arrived on the scene.

A revival of the classic 1960's hero character, Red Eagle aims to put a local spin on a full on action spectacular and if anyone in the nation has the goods to pull it off, it's Sasanatieng.

For extendable swords, glowing masks, motorcycle chases, explosions o'plenty and a recreation of the stunt that killed original Red Eagle star Mitr Chaibancha when it went wrong in 1970, check the new trailer below.
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xinoSeptember 19, 2010 12:07 PM

looking good Thailand..
seriously! This movie looks crazy!

looks NOTHING like a Thai movie! looks like a high budget hollywood movie O_o

the movie is looking good man!

but I love Ong Bak 2:)