HAVE YOUR SAY: about those Japanese Ghibli BluRays...

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HAVE YOUR SAY: about those Japanese Ghibli BluRays...

On the picture here you can see the VERY stylish covers for the new BluRays which Studio Ghibli is releasing in Japan. That's "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind" on the left, "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" in the middle and "My Neighbors the Yamadas" on the right.

It's a pretty simple format which emphasizes just how classic these films truly are: one color and one white silhouette are enough to describe a title and have it recognized by the fans.

Now this begs the question: which titles will be in the next wave which Studio Ghibli and Disney will be releasing in 2011? And what will the covers for those titles look like, if they keep this single-color-white-silhouette format?

So let's play a little game here...
Which title do you want released first (after "My Neighbors the Yamadas"), what color should its cover be, and what should be used for the white silhouette?

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