Start getting excited for The Beast Pageant

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Start getting excited for The Beast Pageant

This is the synopsis for The Beast Pageant, a new feature film directed by Albert Birney and Jon Moses:

Abraham lives in a confined apartment where his only companion is a giant machine. Inside the machine is a man and a woman who take care of Abraham's every need. In this mechanical world Abraham slogs through daily life until a tiny singing cowboy bursts from his body and leads him into the wild. 

This is the trailer for The Beast Pageant (also embedded below).

Stop-motion machines, man-in-suit monsters, gorgeous black and white cinematography and that aforementioned tiny singing cowboy... Yeah, I'm pretty exited for this.

The film is currently in post-production, and the filmmakers are looking for some extra financial support too finish the sound design. Those of you with generous wallets, click here so we can all enjoy this adventure as soon as possible.
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