Punishing short film `SNIP` now online!

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Punishing short film `SNIP` now online!
So just over two years ago I ran an article about a Spanish short film written and directed by Julien Zenier titled SNIP. As it turned out we were the first to do a write up and as the story goes a couple weeks later, because of our article, SNIP was invited to its first festival. Thus began a successful festival run as word spread about Zenier`s savage and punishing short film. It is the feel good story of the day!

And now that the festival run has been completed Zenier has made his short film available online and you can watch it after the break. 

Glued to his TV set, a man channel-surfs frenetically, zapping from one stultifying show to the other. As he grows more and more indifferent to the constant stream of violent and crude images, he stands up and engages himself in an unspeakable act of self-liberation.
SNIP is Julien Zenier's first shocking and cutting edge Spanish Short Film, starring Zoe Berriatúa (Bigas Luna's Volavérunt, África...), featuring some extremely realistic body modifications FX by Quimera FX, and heightened by a stunning chiaroscuro cinematography by David Acereto (BackWoods, The Night of the Sunflowers...). The film also counts on a suffocating sound design made by the cult film maker Cesar Velasco Broca -aka Regis Muskiz- (Avant Petalos Grillados, Transharmonic Nights...).

If ever there was a time to give you a heads up about NSFW content this is it. Do not watch this short film at work, in front of co workers, the elderly, kittens, your mailman, your significant other, that guy who lives a couple houses down who always comes out when you are cutting your lawn and kicks at it listlessly with his Birkenstock sandals and asks what kind of fertilizer you use. None of them can handle it. This short film features extreme imagery, intense gore effects and frontal nudity. You have been warned
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AirchinapilotJuly 7, 2010 2:43 PM

I can bring myself to hit the play button. My imagination is already terrible.

BooaghostJuly 7, 2010 3:08 PM

Brought to mind "Rock DJ" music vid (from 2:40) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGelsMOIJZY
and "Happiness in Slavery" http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlkkw_nin-happiness-in-slavery_music

Made me squirm and cover my eyes so I can't be fully desensitized just yet.

witchmanJuly 7, 2010 6:52 PM

i'm still trying to figure out what the point of making this was?