Early Look at First Poster for PRIMAL!

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Early Look at First Poster for PRIMAL!
Here's a movie I've been hearing about for ages now, and looks like it's finally gearing up for release -- after getting selected for a whole bunch of genre film festivals around the globe, including the first wave of films in Stiges 2010. 

Australian poster designer legend Jeremy Saunders has been busy on the poster for the supernatural zombie movie Primal, and here's the first look at what is very close to the final draft. 

Starring Zoe Tuckwell-Smith, Krew Boylan, Wil Traval, Lindsay Farris, Rebekah Foord and Damien Freeleagus, Primal is the feature debut of director Josh Reed. Here's the synopsis: 

A camping trip descends into nightmare for six young people when one of them falls ill, degenerates into a primal state and hunts her friends, in service of a mysterious, ancient entity within a nearby mountain.

Plot sounds a lot like another recent Ozloitation film Prey -- released as The Outback in the U.S. -- but based on the strong buzz for this I think the comparisons will end there.

The paint is still drying on this poster, so much so that I think if you gave some feedback in the comments it might actually impact the final design.

* Our thanks to the fine folk at Fearnet for pointing the way to the trailer below *
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hemlaxJuly 30, 2010 12:27 AM

It is kind of grindhouse cliché, but yeah, that was the idea. Otherwise, there isnt much space for improvement, if you add anything it would be already ocercooked. I say, leave it as it is.

KarmahJuly 30, 2010 3:10 AM

I like the way the lay-out is.

However I would also look at this:

- The poster has a certain colourization which works on a general scale. but if you look at the pay-off in the right corner it fades into the poster.

I would option to either make the title logo white or part of the pay-off. The only thing is that it might take the focus of the girl with the machete

- I get the zombie thing and also that it is not "sharp" but to the right you cant see it is a man / woman standing there and you do not see the hand. If you remove the hand on the right part or push it a little bit to the right the woman can shift a little bit to the right, making the machete come in at the second part of the M. The poster is then calmer and would still have the idea that something is about to attack the already bloody woman.

That said I do like the general view, and these are just my views :-)

PanduroJuly 30, 2010 3:37 AM

Kill the hype! Kill it now! The only redeeming fact about this film is that it's so badly executed it actually gets kinda fun towards the ridiculous end...