WSFF 2010: Freaky

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WSFF 2010: Freaky
A notably better half of the Midnight Mania program screens tomorrow night at the Cumberland Cinema, Saturday June 5th, at 11:59pm. 

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The Little Dragon (Le Petit Dragon) It's worth the price of admission alone. Still in its original packaging a Bruce Lee action figure is awoken by the spirit of the Dragon and exacts some Jeet Kune Do justice on other figures in a fanboy's bedroom. Time may not have been on the side of this little figure as he bares the scars of battle but his spirit lives on. If only the Bruce Lee action figures in my room would do the same. I have a The Spleen figure from Mystery Men that keeps giving stink eye and I don't know what to do about it!
Still Birds (Alle Fugler) from Norway speaks of the power of language in a world where words are power and a means of control. Even one word can restore and ailing dictator. But only if the one girl who still has the power of language speaks. Just one word. It also warns that leaders of the new world after the apocalypse will be determined by hair color. Don't believe me? Watch. 
Clean Carousel from Denmark is a delighfully black, absurd and funny short film about a man who toils endlessly to keep his carousel clean from blemishes. But when a crow drops a bomb on one of his carousel horses the crow must pay. And anything or anyone else for that matter. Your hands must be THIS clean to ride the carousel. 
The Twin Girls of Sunset Street (Les Bessones del Carrer de Ponent) from Spain would have added some much desired depth to Friday night's Creepy program but here we are. At least this stop animation film may be dark and horrifying enough to cure what ails you. Speaking of cures. Twin sisters create homemade medicines. Try to get you doctor to write up a prescription for this one. It ain't over the counter kind of medication their dishing out! Icky.
Joining the ranks of darkly absurd and funny is To Kill A Bumblebee (Laharog Devora) from Israel. Two men enter a forest to hunt boar. they find they've hit more than their target and events quickly spiral out of control. Gosh I wish this was longer but the point is made quickly and early and by the time one thing leads to another, and another, and another and... you'll get the idea soon enough. 
The Tail Gunner from the UK only needs one minute. One minute to make you laugh. Watch the wittle kitty take down the German Luftwaffe. Purring sounds like machine guns now. 
Beauty Plus Pity is freaky for the sake of being freaky. This was my WTF short. My why in God's name am I watching this short. My Holy Hell my eyes are bleeding short. Experimental shorts are not my bag. Ha ha. Experimental shorts. I like Burmudas instead. 
No one does fucked up like Japan does. In Prince of Milk (Gyunyu Ohji) Makoto masturbates on a classmates gym shorts. He gets found out and kills himself. Then he comes back as a kackling grudge and spits milk all over his victims. They do a song and dance number and blood comes out of his bum. Yep. Japan, you're one of a kind. 
And ending the night will be Yellow Belly End from the UK. Though it might create more questions than answers- a man in a canary suit sits at desk and counts the number of suicides off a cliff, marking them by which costume the person committing suicide is wearing- it still provokes a response. They jump. He counts. He eats a jelly bean. I tell ya, if I had a jelly bean for every time I watched someone jump off a cliff I'd have no jelly beans. What kind of costume would you wear? 
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