SHOWGIRLS: EXPOSED Director Marc Vorlander Fires Back!

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SHOWGIRLS: EXPOSED Director Marc Vorlander Fires Back!
Yesterday Twitch posted the second trailer for Marc Vorlander's upcoming Showgirls: Exposed - his unofficial sequel to Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls that has been known variously as Showgirls 2, Showgirls: The Story of Hope and Showgirls: The Return. I was not particularly kind in my commentary on the trailer. And today Vorlander responded. I'm giving him a post of his own here to state his case, but head back to the comments thread on the original post for my response.

The difference between controversial art and crap is very easy: controversial art is hated, panned, discussed..., crap simply dissapears into nowhere immediately, exactly like Rena Riffels project, that is also based on Showgirls and can be used in this case perfectly to demonstrate the difference.

Dear Todd Brown, I'm looking forward the moment when you will review the film itself and you start writing on your computer another hate tirade against my work and you will slap-bang realize that you are using the same phrases like critics did 1995. You will look around and find out that you are sitting in a test tube with a label on it: "How to create the same promotional phenomenon like Showgirls 1995. Test #1".

Thanks for passionately hating my work so less objective. I can not take this serious, but I appreciate it since it fits perfectly in the calculated behavior of self-styled movie critics that would not even detect art if you would engrave the word in their glasses to help them with it.

It's demontrative that my work is acclaimed by many professionals from the industry and other artists and hated so much by folks that never made it there.

Marc Vorlander

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