Love in the orchards in SUMMER CODA poster!

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Love in the orchards in SUMMER CODA poster!
With Summer Coda heading the new wave of Australian feature dramas, it looks like we are finally out of the dark, gloomy territory that has characterized local dramas this past decade. 

Billed as a romantic drama set in the orchards of the Australian countryside, directed by upbeat young writer/director Richard Gray with a brilliant local cast, Summer Coda is shaping up to be another great entry in the current Aussie film resurgence.

Richard sent us the poster for the film's Australian release, currently set for October 21.

Here is the lowdown...

In the vein of Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty, Richard Gray's Summer Coda is an Australian film with a decidedly unique setting -- the stunning orange groves of sun-baked Mildura against the majestic backdrop of the Murray River. Rachael Taylor (TransformersBottle Shock, Cedar Boys) and Alex Dimitriades (Head On, Three Blind Mice) star in the romantic drama, supported by a strong ensemble cast including Susie Porter, Angus Sampson, Nathan Phillips, Cassandra Magrath and Jacki Weaver.

Having grown up with her mother in Nevada, Heidi hasn't spoken to her father since she was seven. Now a young woman, haunted by his memory, she returns to Australia seeking closure. Travelling to her hometown, Heidi is forced to busk for cash and her melancholic violin score catches the attention of handsome orange picker Michael, who offers Heidi a ride. Both are initially guarded, but an unexpected connection soon blossoms.
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