On 10-10-10 the world will turn to DARK WORLD 3D

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On 10-10-10 the world will turn to DARK WORLD 3D
The first full trailer for upcoming Russian 3D fantasy flick Dark World 3D. This will be the first Russian 3D movie with real actors since Soviet times.

As you can see from the trailer the plot is about students-philologists who awake ancient magical powers during anthropological expedition to Karelia. The synopsis is confusing and tells also about some old magical shield made of meteorite.

Director is Anton Megerdychev (Shadowboxing 2). The man who stands behind the movie is Alexei Sidorov, producer of popular in Eastern Europe tv-series Brigada and Shadowboxing franchise. The main role is played by Svetlana Ivanova (she throws spear in the trailer).

And just as it happens with 3D movies, the trailer of Dark World 3D looks great in three dimensions in theaters, but it partially looses its magic in 2D. Take notice of chemical color schemes and fights a-la "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

In the news about the teaser I wrote that it will be partially in 3D. I was wrong, it will be completely in 3D. The movie will be released on 10.10.10 in Russia.
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