Just A Friendly Reminder: NYAFF 2010 is Just About Here!

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Just A Friendly Reminder: NYAFF 2010 is Just About Here!
If you live in the New York City metropolitan area, read this site, and are not planning on attending the New York Asian Film Festival, then I suggested you carefully examine your film geek cred. Seriously. Take. A. Good. Hard. Look.

Moving the majority of its loony lineup uptown to the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, NYAFF runs from June 25th - July 8th with additional screenings at Japan Society (in collab. with Japan Cuts fest) and midnight madness at IFC Center.

The opening night flick, IP MAN 2 with the legendary, Sammo Hung (someone so legendary it is now officially redundant to call him a legend), is well past sold out, but don't fret, the opening weekend offers up some other tasty morsels, including midnight screenings of L.A STREETFIGHTERS and DEATH KAPPA, Ning Hao's jacked up Bicyclist flick CRAZY RACER with Huang Bo, the much talked about BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS, ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW and a screening of the Sammo classic EASTERN CONDORS! (plus another screening of IP MAN 2 and the original IP MAN)

And this folks is just the beginning... Down the line we have Jackie Chan in LITTLE BIG SOLDIER, the return of Toshiaki Toyoda with THE BLOOD OF REBIRTH, MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD, RED CLIFF UNCUT, the much hyped GALLANTS and the international premiere of Tetsuya Nakashima's CONFESSIONS.  Head on over to Subway Cinema's page to check out the full line up, which is nothing short of stellar.

Expect a mondo amount of coverage for the fest, thanks to a roving band of film fans that are gobbling up these latest Asian offerings like a pack of cannibals at a soylent green processing plant, as we speak. Yum, yes. Delicious.

And to get an even further idea of just how insane and important this festival is to the people of New York City (and for that matter film fans everywhere), please read Todd's interview with NYAFF co-founder and certifiable genius/madman, Grady Hendrix. 
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Joshua ChaplinskyJune 24, 2010 9:45 AM

Fark yes!