English-friendly SUMMER WARS in October 2010?

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English-friendly SUMMER WARS in October 2010?
Back in January of this year, Manga UK twittered that they hoped to be able to release Mamoru Hosoda's excellent "Summer Wars" in UK-cinemas in September, followed by DVD and BluRay releases in October (thanks Ulrik!).
And now one of the largest online outlets of the United Kingdom has actually published a release date: the 11th of October.
To say I'm counting the days till I'm holding a BluRay of this in my hands is an understatement: Hosoda's first movie since "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is in the absolute top of my list of wannahave-titles. I was lucky enough to see "Summer Wars" at the Imagine festival in Amsterdam back in April and I'm still mulling over my review, as I've run out of superlatives to use. Together with Matsumoto's "Symbol" (and where is THAT BluRay?) this is the best movie I've seen so far this year.
Judging by Manga UK's damn good recent output (their HD-catalogue is faultless as far as I know) I have no reason to expect anything less than an exemplary disc. So Manga UK, do us all a big favor and knock this one out of the park! 
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