Lady Terminator at the Toronto Underground Cinema!

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Lady Terminator at the Toronto Underground Cinema!
Alrighty... its Father's Day, you and your dad just watched the 4pm screening of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) at the Revue Cinema, but you're still craving for more movies. And not just any kind of movies, now you're jonsing for some explosions, robots and laser beams... and maybe even laser beams coming out of peoples eyes... 

The Toronto Underground Cinema has got the double bill you need. This Sunday on June 20th, starting at 7pm, witness James Cameron's science-fiction classic The Terminator billed with its Indonesian re-interpretation LADY TERMINATOR. The latter film (also known as Nasty Hunter) hilariously apes the narrative structure, staging and occasionally even the dialogue of Cameron's original film, yet throws out the entire science-fiction/time-travel premise and replaces it with local Indonesian myths. Packed with performances that would make Tommy Wiseau cringe, more casualties then the original Terminator and Death Wish 3 combined, an elite mercenary squad that includes a red-haired surfer dude and a climax that involves the aforementioned laser-eyes, Lady Terminator is not only one of the best worst movies ever made (right up there with Troll 2), its one of the best things ever period. 

The Terminator is pretty good too.

The Toronto Underground Cinema is located in the bowels of 186 Spadina Avenue.
Sunday, June 20th: 
The Terminator @ 7pm
Lady Terminator @ 9pm
Admission is $8 a screening or $14 for the double bill. Both films are on pristine 35mm prints.

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JustinPDJune 14, 2010 4:17 PM

I love this movie.

jingserJune 14, 2010 4:47 PM