Cannes 2010: Vasoon Animation previews Line-up - DEITY HUNTERS, KSITIGARBHA and LEGEND 333

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Cannes 2010: Vasoon Animation previews Line-up - DEITY HUNTERS, KSITIGARBHA and LEGEND 333
Vasoon Animation has just officially enter my list of studios to keep my eye on in the near future.  The Beijing-based studio is developing three traditional animated film with each presenting a unique visual style and each in various stages of production.  These include Deity Hunters (神猎) aka God Hunters - a strange new twist on the legend of Wukong (the Monkey King), Ksitigarbha (地藏) - a semi sci-fi cautionary tale with Buddhist overtones and Legend 333 (魁拔) aka Kuiba - an oriental fantasy adventure for kids.  Out of the three, Deity Hunters appeals to me the most but all of the films looks spectacular nevertheless.

Legend 333 is expected to arrive in December or sometime in 2011 while the release date for Deity Hunters and Ksitgarbha has not yet been determined.  You'll find the promo reel for each of the three animated films below.
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Full Synopsis and Images via Vasoon Animation
xinoJune 25, 2010 9:26 PM

ok Legend Triple 3 and Deity Hunter are both based on Legend of the Monkey King..Nice

the legend 333 doesn't look inspiring, i know anime inspired animators and artist, but if you are going to strive to be different, you shouldn't copy too much from anime inspiration. I mean this is China's first animation work, and I really don't want to see any resemblance to anime drawing, i want to see something unique. So I can TELL whenever I see a chinese anime, then it's from China not Japan.

I mean the Kistigrabha's drawing was so unique, the way it was drawn and animation makes it differ from being anime.

Anyway I really do hope these 3 chinese animation are in production, I would be sad if they were just show off projects.