New York Asian Film Festival 2010 Lineup: Hong Kong and Mainland China

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New York Asian Film Festival 2010 Lineup: Hong Kong and Mainland China
Subway Cinemas has updated their New York Asian Film Festival 2010 blog with details on the full roster from Hong Kong and mainland China. Head on over to their blog to see the full descriptions of the films and check out some of the trailers, and keep an eye out for further announcements about the  complete times and dates as well as special screenings and events.

Hong Kong Films
Bodyguards and Assassins (2009, New York Premiere)
Development Hell (2010, North American Premiere)
Eastern Condors (1987)
Echoes of the Rainbow (2010, North American Premiere)
Gallants (2010, North American Premiere)
Ip Man (2008)
Ip Man 2 (2010, North American Premiere)
Kung Fu Chefs (2009, North American Premiere)
Little Big Soldier (2010, New York Premiere)
Red Cliff Uncut (2008/2009)
The Storm Warriors (2009, US Premiere)

Mainland Chinese Films

Cow (2009, North American Premiere)
Crazy Racer (2009, North American Premiere)
Sophie's Revenge (2009, New York Premiere)
Tian An Men (2009, International Premiere)

Japanese Films

8000 Miles (2009, North American Premiere)
8000 Miles 2: Girl Rapper (2010, North American Premiere)
Alien vs. Ninja (2010, World Premiere)
Annyong Yumika (2009, North American Premiere)
The Blood of Rebirth (2009, New York Premiere)
Boys on the Run (2010, North American Premiere)
Confessions (2010, International Premiere)
Dear Doctor (2009, New York Premiere)
Doman Seman (2010, World Premiere)
Golden Slumber (2009, New York Premiere)
Live Tape (2010, North American Premiere)
Mutant Girls Squad (2010, International Premiere)
Sawako Decides (2010, New York Premiere)
Symbol (2009, New York Premiere)
Yatterman (2009)

Korean Films:

ACTRESSES (2009, New York Premiere)
ANIMAL TOWN (2009, North American Premiere)
BLADES OF BLOOD (2010, International Premiere)
CASTAWAY ON THE MOON (2009, New York Premiere)
CHAW (2009, North American Premiere)
A LITTLE POND (2010, International Premiere)

Indonesian Films:
MERANTAU (2009, New York Premiere)

Thai Films
RAGING PHOENIX (2009, New York Premiere)

The NYAFF will be held at the Lincoln Center from June 28 - July 8, presenting the festival with the Film Society. From July 1 - 4 the they NYAFF will be co-presenting entries in the Japan Society's own screeening series, Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film.

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