Need proof romantic getaways are a bad idea? Watch this 'Uninhabited' trailer...

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Need proof romantic getaways are a bad idea? Watch this 'Uninhabited' trailer...
As Australia experiences a surge in genre fare everyone's a winner and the choices of horror films just keep increasing. And Bill Bennett's Uninhabited should quell any desires your better half should have about getting away for a romantic weekend. Forget about it. Stay home. Rent a movie. Safer. 

Harry and Beth want a different kind of holiday. So they charter a boat to drop them onto a remote coral island. They are totally alone in paradise - or are they? 

The young lovers soon come to believe there is someone else on the island - taunting them mischievously. And then their dream holiday quickly becomes a terrifying nightmare. 

We've got the trailer loaded up onto the ScreenAnarchy Video Player. Find it after the jump!

Thanks to Simon for doing all the leg work on this one for me.
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hbhbMay 7, 2010 1:02 AM

When are filmmakers going to learn that taking the audience away from the film by attempting to transform the screen into the viewfinder is not a neat inventive trick? It's ANNOYING, TIRED and PLAYED OUT! We know what a video camera is. We know someone is recording in the scene. We're not dumb. I had to stop the trailer after seeing the REC sign on the screen.