First proper teaser for 3D fantasy RORRIM BO AND THE MAGIC GOBLET 3D

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First proper teaser for 3D fantasy RORRIM BO AND THE MAGIC GOBLET 3D
Few weeks ago I published here teaser of upcoming teaser for Russian 3D fantasy Rorrim Bo and the Magic Goblet 3D and now the first proper and complete teaser trailer is available.

As one can judge from the trailer the flick is going to deliver a huge amount of fantasy creatures in Digital 3D, some of them will be full-cgi like many monsters and the main character (fluffy on the poster).

Even though the movie is yet in post-production and the graphics is not final, it has everything for good family spectacle when completed.

Long-long ago, inhabitants of fantasy country drove evil witch Werghilda out into our world and put her spirit into magical goblet. This happened more than 500 years ago. In our times the goblet was found, and the evil spirit of the witch was released and got into female Pioneer organizer in the pioneer camp. And now she needs fears to restore her powers and to return back to fantasy land. The one who can resist her is Rorrim Bo, the son of the one who put witch into the goblet. The problem is that he's not as courageous as his father.

Personally I wait this movie for sexy dominatrix, played by Renata Litvinova. Director is Ekaterina Grokhovskaya, whose second project Devil's Flower was delayed for 2 years and finally will be released in September. Rorrim Bo and the Magic Goblet 3D is planned to be released on New Year holidays in Russia.
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