First Footage for Live Action GANTZ

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First Footage for Live Action GANTZ
[UPDATE:  Added an extended footage clip.]

Some actual footage broadcast from a Japanese entertainment news show for Shinsuke Sato's upcoming two-part live-action adaptation of Gantz has been uploaded on Youtube.  Also, there is a promo clip with a behind-the-scenes shots from the set and a preview at the several Gantz participants.  Here's the official synopsis via NTV:
College student Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) witnesses his childhood friend Masaru Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) attempting to help a drunk who has fallen onto the subway train tracks and spontaneously jumps in to help him. However, both are run down by the oncoming train...

In the next instant, they are transported to a strange apartment with others who should also be dead. In the center of the living room is an enigmatic black orb known as 'GANTZ'.

GANTZ enlists each of them on a mission to hunt down and exterminate 'aliens', providing them with fighting suits and weapons.

Is this a world of game or reality? Seeing people and aliens slaughtering each other, Kato is anguished, but Kurono gradually feels satisfied as he discovers his fighting ability...

With 'life and death' as the theme, this is a new type of suspense action entertainment!!
Apart from the two main leads, Kazunari Ninomiya and Kenichi Matsuyama, the other cast members consist of Kanata Hongo as Joichiro Nishi, Yuriko Yoshitaka as Tae Kojima and Natsuna Watanabe as Kei Kishimoto. Warner Bros Japan plans to theatrically release the first installment in January 2011 and the second in spring 2011.  You'll find the video footage embedded below.
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