CROPSEY Gets Theatrical Release, New Teaser

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CROPSEY Gets Theatrical Release, New Teaser
The fascinatingly creepy documentary Cropsey is hitting the road for series of theatrical dates after a successful festival run in 2009. The film's theatrical run kicks off on June 4th, 2010 with a screening on the grounds of Willowbrook Mental Institution, which figures prominently into the film's disturbing exploration of a real-life murder case in Staten Island, New York. A full list of current dates and a new teaser are featured near the end of this post.

Like many kids that grew up in Staten Island, directors Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio were told the story of Cropsey, a lunatic child-killer that escaped from Willowbrook. Cropsey was treated as an urban myth until four kids, all of whom suffered from a mental or physical disability, also turned up missing.  

After the body of one the kids turned up, Andre Rand, a disturbed transient who worked at Willowbrook until it was shut down, was quickly identified as the main suspect. Rand was convicted of two of the murders. To this day, his crimes are shrouded in mystery because of the use of circumstantial evidence, dodgy witnesses and wild rumors of ritual child abuse and satanic shenanigans.

Cropsey presents interviews with family and friends of the victims, police officers who investigated the case, Rand's associates, and people who claimed to have been witnesses to or potential victims of Rand's crimes. Cropsey asks a lot of questions, and the answers (or lack of thereof) are very disturbing.

Theatrical Dates (check the Facebook page for updates):

Staten Island, New York: June 5, 2010
New York City: IFC Center, June 4-10 (at least)
Somerville, Massachusetts: Somerville Theatre, June 11-17 (at least)
Shreveport, Louisiana: Robinson Film Center, June 11-13
Denver, Colorado: Starz Film Center, June 25-July 1 (at least)
Bushnell, Illinois: Cornerstone Festival, June 28-July 3
Austin, Texas: Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, July 5-7
Los Angeles, California: Downtown Independent, July 9-15 (at least)
New Haven, Connecticut: Criterion Cinema, July 23 (at least)
Albuquerque, New Mexico: The Guild, July 30-31
Tempe, Arizona: Madcap Theaters, August 27-28
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