An Exclusive First Look At DISTRICT 9 Star Sharlto Copley's Directorial Debut SPOON!

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An Exclusive First Look At DISTRICT 9 Star Sharlto Copley's Directorial Debut SPOON!
Before he rose to fame as the leading man in District 9 and long before he was cast as Mad Murdock in Joe Carnahan's revival of The A-Team, Sharlto Copley's future plans involved working on the other side of the camera. Along with Simon Hansen - his partner in South Africa's Inspired Minority production house - Copley had his beginnings as a producer and effects geek, with both Hansen and Copley heavily involved behind the scenes in both District 9 and Neill Blomkamp's short film precursor Alive In Joburg. Copley and Hansen are both credited as producers on Joburg and both were heavily involved in the effects as well, with Hansen later given directorial duties on the interview segments of District 9. And while fame and other projects have stretched out the timeline a bit the duo's post-Joburg plans revolved around co-directing a supernatural thriller titled Spoon.

Described as a "thriller with supernatural overtones about a man with a medical condition that causes him to black out during moments of extreme stress and leads him to make a remarkable discovery about himself" Spoon stars veteran Brit TV actor Darren Boyd (Green Wing, Saxondale, Smack the Pony) in the lead as Daniel Spoon, with genre icon Rutger Hauer playing his father Victor. And judging from the just-released teaser, Victor and Daniel have an ... interesting relationship.

Yes, Spoon is now complete. Or close enough to it that Copley and Hansen are now sending bits of it off into the world. And ScreenAnarchy is very proud to have an exclusive first look at the first teaser. I predict many hours spent trying to freeze frame and figure out the rapid-fire images at the end ...
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ClodaghJune 1, 2010 10:40 AM

Simon Hansen is a mastermind, cant wait to see the final product. I’m pretty sure Simon also developed the SI-2K camera with Cineform on this movie, which later on was used and won best cinematography on Slumdog Millionaire?

lazdslJune 1, 2010 2:15 PM

yes Simon Hansen is a mastermind....

gluqueJune 2, 2010 2:40 PM

d9 was awesome
I was really expectant with this teaser

when will we see the release?