Ten Minutes of Awesome for IP MAN 2

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Ten Minutes of Awesome for IP MAN 2
Perhaps I'm committing a disservice to our fellow ScreenAnarchy readers by giving away too much footage from Wilson Yip's Ip Man 2 since it would ruin some of the surprise but being an anxious guy that I am for all things related to Donnie Yen kicking some ass, I simply couldn't help myself.  In the preview, Donnie gets to showcase his butterfly swords forms against multiple assailant in the fish market scene while the restaurant scene have him engaging in combat on a table against two Kung fu master in succession before finally facing Sammo Hung for the ultimate match-up.  All the fight scenes shown so far is full of win and probably the best parts is still yet to come.  So do you want to spoil yourself just a little?  Or do you want to wait for the full viewing experience at the theaters?  The choice is yours.

The theatrical release date is on April 29th.  You'll find the 10 minute preview embedded below.
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Thanks to Dip and Maz via Donnieyen.us
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DooKApril 23, 2010 2:19 AM

Credits to Maz at donnieyen.us for discovering it.

Al YoungApril 23, 2010 2:43 AM

Ok, thanks Dip. I'll have Maz mention as well.

kungfueurotrashApril 23, 2010 9:58 AM

Simon Yam is in every damn movie, is he the next Jude Law!!!! That fight with the boxer is something I can't wait to see...

krookbythabookApril 24, 2010 5:43 AM

Is it just me or do the fight scenes look weak?? damn i was expecting the action to be solid like the first, guess i just gotta wait for Ong Bak 3!!

DooKApril 24, 2010 11:03 AM

Only you. One cannot stick to same cards every time. They've clearly uped the ante with this one. Different WC techniques, different opponents/styles, different camerawork/editing, different settings etc, and to that better acting.

ArdentApril 24, 2010 12:33 PM

i must say, i am a bit disapponted with too much wired work..

xinoApril 24, 2010 6:09 PM

I'm not going to spoil myself with this nice video:)

krookbythabookApril 25, 2010 2:10 AM

When he starts throwing punches it looks really fake, no kind of impact at all. I'm gonna reserve my opinion until the film comes out, but after looking at this video i'm not impressed!! I love the new Wing Chun techniques and i think the choreography is top notch, i just don't see the kind of speed and power like in the first movie. :( sorry

seventhbrotherApril 25, 2010 3:33 AM

I couldn't help it and I looked at that damn video! My heart is still racing after seeing veteran action director/actor, Fung Hark On, battle Donnie and coil into a snake pose. I KNOW there will be much more action if they are willing to show this much in a promo. I didn't mind the wires much and I am assuming they are slowing down some of the action to possibly portray him as being older..

DooKApril 25, 2010 9:44 AM

No worries, to each of their own. I think they made major improvements here. The choreography in the first was great no doubt but there wasn't enough of Sammo's style to capture the techniques the captivating way that he always does. I suspect Tony Leung Siu-Hung had something to do with that. As a result, the camerawork and the editing felt quite weird to experience, didn't connect too well at times and lacked impact. I can see all that in the video which makes me more than happy.

SherwinApril 27, 2010 12:30 PM

I suggest that Wan Kam Leung the late Bruce Lee's si hing be on the set to show more interesting moves....His ving tsun is awesome.