Modern western RED HILL picked up by Sony

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
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Modern western RED HILL picked up by Sony
The 2010 Australian genre revolution is roaring along, with news of yet another film picked up by major North American distributors.

Red Hill, the Ryan Kwanten-starring modern western that made waves at Berlin, has just been bought by Sony Pictures for US release.

This follows the purchase of The Square by Apparition and Animal Kingdom by Sony Pictures Classics. It's only a matter of time before prom-horror flick The Loved Ones gets picked up for major release too.

The debut feature of Patrick Hughes, Red Hill is the story of a young cop moving to a small town, where news of a prison break and escaped murderer sends the town's law enforcement into panic.
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methosbMarch 27, 2010 5:15 AM

Thought this looked pretty silly in the first half, then *bam* second half of the trailer was great. So good to see Aus finally pumping out some decent and entertaining films in quick succession instead of just pretentious dramas with the odd good film every few years.