Is DEVIL'S FLOWER a Russian answer to Twilight?

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Is DEVIL'S FLOWER a Russian answer to Twilight?
Well, not quiet an answer, because the shooting of Devil's Flower (Цветок Дьявола) started in 2007, before Twilight was released. But it does look somehow similar. Maybe that's because Twilight is made mostly by women, and director of Twilight is Catherine Hardwicke, while Catherina Grokhovskaya is both director and screenplay's author of Devil's Flower.

For almost 3 years there were no news about the project, except for the release of speechless promo reel in February 2008, that you can see below. But Russian Film Market in the end of 2009 had brought the gossip, that producers had found money to finish the movie, probably orientating on success of Twilight.

The plot of Devil's Flower has love, mystics, black Horseman-sorcerer and probably everything you'd find in books for women.

Notice that gothic architecture and old-European look in the reel, the crew probably did hard job finding it in Central Russia.

The current day of release is September 16, 2010.
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MurApril 15, 2010 2:29 PM

I would've thought the Russian answer to Twilight would be "Nyet."

carpet cleaning rickmansworthJune 2, 2011 2:41 PM

How can you possibly say that they are similar because they are directed by women? Bit stereotypical - no?