Adam Mason To Unleash His PIG In Estonia.

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Adam Mason To Unleash His PIG In Estonia.
While fans of Broken and The Devil's Chair director Adam Mason have been awaiting the arrival of his dark comedy Luster - a film that has finally completed a lengthy post production only recently - the director himself has been cooking up a little something on the sly.

Together with frequent collaborator Andrew Howard, Mason has completed an entirely different film during the waiting period for Luster. Shot on the cheap and on the sly, with any word kept carefully out of the press until the film was complete Pig is a grueling exercise in single take horror, a savage satire on American gender roles built around a lunatic central performance from Andrew Howard. With the run time dominated by a single 70+ minute take this is something entirely new from Mason, a technical experiment that builds on the themes and approach of his earlier work.

But where to see it?  The world premiere of Pig has just been announced by the Haapsalu Õudus- ja Fantaasiafilmide Festival - a weekend long genre festival in Estonia run by the folks behind the Tallinn Black Nights festival. Read the complete lineup announcement below!

Chills, thrills and world premieres at the Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy
Film Festival

The fifth Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (HÕFF), to be held from 23-25 April
at the Haapsalu Cultural Centre, will feature a total of 30 films from 15 countries, of
which 19 are full-length features. This year's festival will focus on new French horror.
Estoniaʼs only festival devoted to the fantasy, horror, science fiction and trash film genres will
run from 23-25 April at Haapsalu, Estonia ( - once a renown summer
retreat of the Russian Czars, now a picturesque spa town infamous for healing mud

Renowned British horror film director Adam Mason's latest, "Pig" will make its world premiere
at Haapsalu. Mason's 2006 film "Broken", which enjoyed success on the international festival
circuit, was in Haapsalu's programme in 2007.

The French documentary „Viande d'origine Francaise" will be shown for the first time
outside its homeland. Stephen Manuel's and Axel Wedenkind's "Iron Doors" - a mystery
thriller that debuted in this year's European Film Market will also have a special preview at
HOFF. Two Estonian shorts will also be making their official debut - Tanel Rand's vampire
film „Transfusion" and one of the openers at Haapsalu, Robi Uppin's ghost tale „Wanderer"
Nine feature films from 2009-2010 can be seen in Haapsalu's main programme of new films:
a gory horror film from Indonesia, „Macabre", a terrifying thriller from Norway „Detour", a
unique British mockumentary, "Resurrecting The Street Walker. „The Human Centipede",
a Dutch award-winning body horror entry, will send shivers down spines, along with the
Serbian psychological terror „Serbian Film" an account of the porn industry and its impact on
the human psyche, and the nightmarish Italian film „Shadow", which made its debut at the
prestigious Sitges fantasy film festival last year. To counterbalance the "fear factor", the
festival will close with a US sci-fi Western musical "Stingray Sam", which has been a
favourite at many festivals.

Meanwhile, the freak film programme will feature a contrast between two American films, a
sci-fi romp called „Sex Galaxy" and the blaxploitation horror-comedy „Black Devil Doll". And
the FX-laden Japanese extreme slice-and-dice film „Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl",
brought to you by the makers of „Tokyo Gore Police", an entry in last year's festival.
Two night-time screenings are devoted to festival special guest, Andrey Iskanov - whose
films have been banned numerous times in his native Russia and Khabarovsk. Festivalgoers
will see his notorious debut, "Nails" and the world premiere of the new version of
Iskanov's latest, "Ingression".

As mentioned, the festival will focus this year on new French horror. Haapsalu festivalgoers
will see two internationally well-received zombie films -- „The Horde" and „Mutants", and a
documentary featuring all of the main film-makers and critics of the genre will help make
sense of the phenomenon.

The other focus is on Japanese film-maker Shinya Tsukamoto's "Tetsuo" series, which laid
the foundation for the cyberpunk film genre. For the first time in Estonia, audiences will see
the first and last instalment in the trilogy on the big screen as a non-stop showing on 35mm

Short sci-fi, fantasy and horror films from the last two years will precede nearly every fulllength
film shown at the festival.

The films will have English subtitles.

Tickets go on sale on 5 April at Piletilevi outlets. Visit for the festival
programme, schedule and more information.

Accreditation for journalists and industry members until 12 April at festival's website or by
writing to

The festival is brought to you by the Haapsalu City Government, Haapsalu Cultural Centre
and Black Nights Film Festival Foundation.
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Sean "The Butcher" SmithsonMarch 31, 2010 11:56 PM

Look for a review coming from yours truly after the weekend!

brettyoungApril 2, 2010 10:07 PM

Can't wait. Blood River and Luster were two of my favourite films of last year. The dread central review has got me even more excited.