SXSW 2010: First Character Teaser For Simon Rumley's RED, WHITE AND BLUE

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SXSW 2010: First Character Teaser For Simon Rumley's RED, WHITE AND BLUE
Following a very successful international debut in Rotterdam, Simon Rumley's slacker revenge picture Red, White And Blue is about to be unleashed on American audiences as part of the SXSW Film Festival.  And to go along with its US bow the promotional materials are starting to flow.

The first general teaser arrived last week via Cinematical and now we've got a look at the first of three character-specific teasers for you.  Say hello to Erica.  Franki and Nate are coming soon ...

Here's how Rotterdam described it:

The gruesome shadow side of the kindness of strangers. An initially natural portrait of the cool and promiscuous Erica from Austin turns into an intense film of revenge. By the British director of The Living and the Dead.

The British director Simon Rumley joined forces after his widely praised psychological horror film The Living and the Dead with the producer Tim League who, together with's Harry Knowles, is director of the Fantastic Fest in Austin. The intense revenge film Red White & Blue takes its time to pick up steam and first follows the cool, emotionless Erica, who dives into bed with any man she meets. When she is offered a job in a DIY store in Austin, she discovers the kindness of strangers, but also the gruesome shadowy side of it.

Rumley switches between three perspectives and in this way combines the natural quality of his earlier trilogy about English youth culture with the darkness of his later genre work. Leading roles are played by Noah Taylor (The New World, Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous) as a discharged vet and Amanda Fuller (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as the extremely promiscuous Erica, who manages to evoke understanding for her behaviour.
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