STINGRAY SAM DVD And Soundtrack Giveaway!

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STINGRAY SAM DVD And Soundtrack Giveaway!
We do love us some Cory McAbee here at ScreenAnarchy and we're more than happy to say that we've just been offered up two copies of McAbee's latest film odyssey Stingray Sam on DVD along with a pair of soundtrack CDs to give to you, the lucky ScreenAnarchy reader.  This one is only open to residents of North America but if you want to stake your claim to be one of our two lucky winners of a DVD / CD combo then email me here and answer me this question: If Stingray Sam is not a hero, then what is he?

Winners will be drawn Monday.
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You can buy your very own copy - plus other Stingray swag - here

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IllogicFebruary 24, 2010 7:56 PM

I curse my geographical handicap. CURSE IT!