Discover Alanthebox and then get excited at the prospect of more Alanthebox

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Discover Alanthebox and then get excited at the prospect of more Alanthebox
Alan Saunders, better known on the Interwebs as Alanthebox, has got a feature in the works. Actually its been in the works for some time now.

Wait, who is Alanthebox you ask? Well, if any of you traversed the popular flash animation and games site a few years ago (actually almost a decade ago - yikes!) you may have stumbled upon his brilliantly crude and exceptionally witty Black and White Drama Theatre series, or his hysterical take on the human apocalypse at the fins of Whale street gangs (or should that be pods) in How It Will EndA friend once described him to me as a real life Brendon Small (the cartoon character). Well, add a dash of Don Hertzfeldt, some of Michel Gondry's penchant for cardboard, and mixture of Pythonesque absurdism to that comparison and you're almost in the realm of wonderful weirdness of Alanthebox. 

A few years ago he announced that Newgrounds would be producing a live-action/animated feature entitled Mostly It's About Death or Life (I Can't Really Tell) and after releasing the first few minutes of the film, which involved mexican wrestlers fighting off stick-figure birds and disgruntled cardboard drivers, Alan has been pretty silent. He had a website for awhile, but he apparently lost his way and he has yet to return.

Well, I stumbled upon his vimeo account and saw some new material. Although his latest short is apparently just a test of some new After Effects applications, it was enough to remind me that more people need to know about the guy. And that I should start bugging him again about getting his movie done.

I've linked some of my favorite works of his below and embedded the preview of his film.

The Alanthebox Rollercoaster
B&W Drama Theater #13
The First Time This Trick Was Ever Used
Garbage Day
Sock Puppet Presidente
How It Will End

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