'Truffe' director Kim Nguyen's next film 'La Cité'

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'Truffe' director Kim Nguyen's next film 'La Cité'
The Quebec film industry here in Canada is so alarmingly good at what is does it is a shame that the rest of our country remains largely unawares of it. Director Kim Nguyen's is following up his previous feature Truffe, it was the opening film of Fantasia 2008 and got him best director nod at Fantastic Fest 2009, with the drama La Cité.

North Africa, the Aures Mountains, 1895. Max Orswell, doctor of war, returned from the front in a city he no longer recognizes. The army has invaded the colonial city, the streets are deserted, the ancestral community hérénite is subject to systematic checks of soldiers. One day, without warning, things switch. Max has to face the terrible facts: the horror is back, she followed him home.

La Cité opens in Quebec on April 9th. When we know of other dates in Canada we'll let you know. Hint, hint.
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