Trailer arrives for The Eclipse!

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Trailer arrives for The Eclipse!
No, not that Twilight one, but Irish writer/director Conor McPherson's excellent supernatural ghost story that is finally getting a theatrical release this March, after a VOD release on Feb. 26th.

I caught the film at the Cannes Market last spring and it turned out to be one of my favorite films of the whole market. Rather then stew in grotesqueries or wall to wall jump-scares, McPherson has crafted an incredibly compelling drama that just happens to involve supernatural spectres. Reminiscent of seminal supernatural mood pieces like Peter Medak's The Changeling, McPhereson lays out some impeccably timed scares amidst the story of a man coping with the recent death of his wife. 

Equally refreshing is that the film never feels tied to the generic trappings of films of this ilk. Remove the ghosts and you've still got a wonderful little drama. McPherson's diligence in putting story and character first only makes the ghostly "genre" interruptions all the more effective.

Well Magnolia has finally released a trailer, and while there are few revealing shots that I could do with out, it manages to avoid spoiling the films terrific scares. 

At the same time I do kind of recommend going into the film blind.

In any case the trailer is embedded below. Points go to Quiet Earth for spotting it.
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