Sundance 2010: CATFISH Review

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Sundance 2010: CATFISH Review
[Our thanks to Ryland Aldrich for the following review.]

If you happen to be wondering what that sound is that you are hearing right now, it is probably the buzz coming from the Park City streets for the film Catfish.  This documentary about internet relationships had everyone talking and numerous people turned away from the added screening.  The film is so fascinating because of the unexpected turns the story takes right in front of the filmmakers' eyes.  Co-Directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost put it best when they pleaded with the crowd, "Tell your friends, but don't tell them too much!"

The story starts off innocuously enough when Ariel and Henry decide to starts filming their office mate and Ariel's brother Nev.  Nev is a photographer who has recently begun receiving paintings of his photos from an 8 year old girl across the country.  He strikes up an online friendship with Abby and her mother and as time goes by, with a number of the family's other friends and relations.  The most notable of these is Abby's 19 year old half sister Megan. Megan seems perfect for Nev and the two develop an intense long distance romance.  But after one particularly bizarre interaction, Nev starts to become suspicious.  Henry, Ariel, and he decide it is time to get to the bottom of this and go meet Megan.

Catfish is no incredible feat of filmmaking. The camera work is unimpressive and the some of the sound is downright atrocious.  But the story and revelation of information is truly exceptional. What is important is that you are present.  Parts of the film will have you shivering with anticipation.

As Ariel reported in the film's introduction, his father had always told him to make a film about Nev.  Nev is just one of those guys that interesting things happen to and he has a great presence on the screen.  Nev, Ariel, and Henry are good hearted guys.  It is fun to go on this ride with them.  Where the ride goes... well that will have to remain a surprise.

[Ryland Aldrich is a screenwriter and freelance writer based in Los Angeles.  He blogs at]

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jazzmilkeAugust 9, 2010 6:12 PM

Check out the trailer for Catfish, the Sundance hit documentary, is poised to be the most controversial film of 2010 because it exposes the grim reality of our modern world.

tomfilby330November 29, 2010 2:00 PM

“As the mystery unravels I find myself really involved in the whole endeavour, I just wish they’d come clean with it. If they’d followed the rules with a fairly convincing viral marketing campaign, but later, when pressed, admitted that all we have here is simply a cautionary tale concerning what constitutes identity on the internet, then I’d feel more inclined to enjoy the film in retrospect. Instead, I’m left wondering why they insisted on treating us like numb skulls and trying to pass off their film as genuine. It just isn’t.”

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