Neil Diamond's REEL INJUN In Trailer Form!

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Neil Diamond's REEL INJUN In Trailer Form!
No, not that Neil Diamond.

Native Canadian film maker Neil Diamond's Reel Injun was a great favorite of mine when it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival this past year.  Smart, funny, insightful and hugely entertaining it dives headlong into the history of native people in Hollywood or, more accurately, how the native people are portrayed.  It's material that could easily - and deservedly - have prompted an ugly rant but Diamond approaches it with grace and humor and the film becomes all that much more effective because of it. 

After the festival wrapped I figured that could very well be the end of the film, that it may very well end up being one of those deserving films that has a festival run and then disappears.  I'm pleased to say I was wrong.  Reel Injun gets a theatrical release here in Canada on February 19th and that means there is now a trailer available.  Trust me on this one: this is world's away from your typical dry and dusty talking head doc.  Check it below.
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