Flying Volga car in 3 new clips from Black Lightning

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Flying Volga car in 3 new clips from Black Lightning
Black Lightning officially premiered yesterday, and today producers published 2 episodes from the movie and plus one tvspot with new footage was available before, but wasn't published in english blogosphere. All other tvspots has footage available in trailers.

I've seen Black Lightning yesterday and I must say that it's a good movie. Of course it follows superhero canons, but does it in a very intelligent way. And it's more logically explained than american superhero movies and thus closer to reality. For example, main hero don't wear those strange tight clothes that american superheros usually wear, and flying Volga has quasi-scientific story behind it.

The movie has a potential to be released on dvd/blue-ray in foreign markets, including american. And I hope boxoffice will be huge enough to make american distributors (that are usually very slow when it comes to non-English movies) buy it as fast as it possible.

I wrote extended descriptions for every clip but then deleted it because they had huge spoilers. So I'll add only titles.

Volga car flies up

The fight of flying Volga with police car

Flying Volga catches thief

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