Final Trailer for CONFUCIUS

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Final Trailer for CONFUCIUS
Another trailer is out for the historical biopic on Confucius with Chow Yun-Fat in the title role.  Whats different from the previous trailers is we get more footage of the massive battle scenes and a better understanding on the many hardship that the influential Chinese philosopher endured throughout his lifetime.  Is it just me or does anyone else feel burn out with these wave of ancient China period piece with epic battles?
In the 6th Century B.C., the ancient Zhou dynasty was tottering.  At court, feudal lords schemed and squabbled over scraps of the empire, each hoping to reunite the kingdom under his own banner.  It was a time of power, splendor, and glory for China.  It was a time of war, of heroes, of new ideas, of new works...this was China's "Spring and Autumn Period".

Confucius' formal name is Kong Qiu, courtesy name Zhong Ni.  He was born in one of the declining aristocracies in the state of Lu.  In anguish he watched the chaotic world around him, hoping to change the disastrous historical course of the Spring and Autumn Period feudal states.  But like the other sages of his era, Confucius' time had not yet come.  He served with dignity, bravery, and ambition as an official for the Lu regime, but saw his dreams and loyalties of the day for a life of principle.  For 14 years he quested through the kingdoms, sharing his wisdom and protesting the petty morals of the day only to be rejected at every turn.  He was besieged by roving armies, drawn into broiling political intrigues, misunderstood time and again by the world of men...And in the end, he returned to his home in Lu, seeking the only haven in which he could teach his disciples and finish his writings in peace.  He died disappointed in this world, his sacrifices and passion for a better world unrecognized.  But, after the world he knew had passed, the new world knew him as the "Model Sage of Myriad Ages".  After his death, the words and thoughts he left us were remembered, and became an important spiritual root of the people we know today as Chinese.  This is the story of the man who became the greatest sage and teacher in history.
The theatrical release date in China is on January 28th.  You'll find the final trailer embedded below.
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