A Final Note On The Lisa R Plagiarism Saga ...

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As regular readers of ScreenAnarchy are no doubt aware, a couple days ago we posted about one Lisa R, a woman who claimed to be a film columnist for Westwood One. She came to our attention only because she had blatantly plagiarized an interview with David Michôd from the pages of ScreenAnarchy.  Actually written by our own Simon De Bruyn back in early December, Lisa reprinted it as her own work and posted it on a personal blog as an excerpt from the column she claims to write for Westwood One.

We were displeased.

As we dug into this several very odd things became immediately apparent. First, Westwood One primarily serves radio content, so referring to yourself as a columnist in that context seemed rather odd.  Second, one of the outlets she claims to be a writer for - Dark Horizons - said they've never heard of her. Third, while the independent film company she claims to be a partner in does actually exist, there is no mention of her on their website.

All there seemed to actually be of Lisa R was her own website. A website loaded with film reviews and interviews. And when readers started Googling those it turned out ScreenAnarchy was FAR from the only outlet plagiarized by her.  The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, Film School Rejects, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Minneapolis Star Tribune and more all had material filched by her. I'd cite examples but both Lisa's blog and her Twitter account have been deleted in the last twelve hours.

What hasn't been deleted, however, is her Facebook account.  Lisa R is one Lisa Rotella.  This is her. Say hello!
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