Teaser trailer of BACK IN TIME 2 (МЫ ИЗ БУДУЩЕГО 2)

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Teaser trailer of BACK IN TIME 2 (МЫ ИЗ БУДУЩЕГО 2)
Two years ago a time travel adventure Back in time (Мы из будущего) featuring four young Russians thrown back in time to the midst of World War II became successful probably unexpectedly for its creators and was positively met by sophisticated Russian audience (you can read review on ScreenAnarchy here). So now producers decided to make continuation of the story Back in time 2 even though original director refused to participate in this one.

This time the fate will throw them into the thick of things on Western Ukrainian front were death squads of Ukrainian nationalist and nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera were murdering all non-Ukrainians (Jews, Poles, Russians). This time two of four main guys are Ukrainian. And probably the movie will have strong political connotations as the first movie that had anti-neonazi / anti-skinhead moral attitude. One thing for sure: this part will have more action and explosions than the first one.

Original title in Russian: Мы из будущего 2
Transliteration from Russian: My iz buduschego 2
Direct translation from Russian: We are from the future 2
English title for foreign distribution: Back in time 2
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