Is Idris Elba Playing Jimmy Stewart To Thomas Ikimi's Hitchcock? Fantastic New Poster Art For LEGACY Says Yes.

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Is Idris Elba Playing Jimmy Stewart To Thomas Ikimi's Hitchcock?  Fantastic New Poster Art For LEGACY Says Yes.
Is it fair to compare a young, second time film maker with one of cinema's all time greats?  No, of course it's not.  But if Thomas Ikimi's ultra low budget debut Limbo wasn't enough to convince you that he has aspersions towards making the same sort of high concept thrillers that made Hitchcock famous, well, a quartet of concept posters for his sophomore effort are here to make that point clear.  Titled Legacy, the film stars The Wire's Idris Elba in the lead and the just-released poster art has that classic Saul Bass influence all over it.

Here's the press release that went out went we first covered the film back in May:

Black Camel Pictures are delighted to announce that on May 11th 2009 they began principal photography on their new US set psychological thriller LEGACY starring Idris Elba (Obsessed, The Wire) who also Executive Produces. LEGACY was written and is directed by British Nigerian talent Thomas Ikimi, who also produces with BAFTA winners Arabella Page-Croft and Kieran Parker for their company Black Camel Pictures (Outpost). Thomas Ikimi first gained attention when his first work, 'LIMBO,' a feature Thomas wrote, produced and directed for just $9000, opened the Taormina International Film Festival in 2005. Idris Elba plays Black Ops soldier Malcolm Gray who returns to a Brooklyn hotel after a failed mission in Eastern Europe where he undergoes an intense journey on a quest for personal retribution. The film also stars Eamonn Walker (Cadillac Records) Clarke Peters (The Wire, Marley and Me) Monique Gabriela Curnen (The Dark Knight, Half Nelson) Julian Wadham (The English Patient) and Richard Brake (Batman Begins). Idris Elba: "I was really impressed by the script and I felt compelled to get involved and play the role of Malcolm. Thomas Ikimi is a visionary young director who I'm excited to be collaborating with. Moreover in my role as Executive Producer I am really involved with the Black Camel team and the decision making and excited about what we all want to achieve with our movie. I feel that the collaboration between Thomas Ikimi, Black Camel and myself is representative of how talented young filmmakers can take unique works to film festivals. We have our sights set on seeing this go all the way." Thomas Ikimi: "Film has been a fundamental part of my life for as long as I can remember. It's fantastic to work with Idris on LEGACY. His commitment to his craft, and willingness to get involved with the shaping of this project, is great and is a collaboration that is very productive for me as an emerging filmmaker. It's even more of a blessing to have such a fantastic array of talent involved on this film."
Check the gallery below for all four posters plus three photos from the film itself.

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